Session 38: Murder in Ashton

After defeating the orcish threat last session, our party returned to Ashton where they were met by Loga (Reeve of Ashton) who delivered some disturbing news…

Pitpet, (Dyme’s childhood friend and recently appointed Captain of Arms) had been murdered the night prior. His body was still sprawled out in the alley beside the tavern drenched in blood.

The party investigated the scene and found indications of blunt force trauma to the back of the head and multiple stab wounds. They also found a bloody rock (murder weapon) and determined the stab wounds were inflicted by short sword.

After interviewing locals, they were able to narrow their list of suspects. Was it Loga himself who had previously expressed displeasure at Pitpet’s appointment to Captain of Arms? Was it the band of bullies that our heroes let go in the previous session? Or was it some other assailant for reasons yet unknown?

Kefka, suggested a seance was in order to try and communicate with Pitpet’s spirit and get some definitive answers on what truly happened.

They established connection with his spirit and were able to ask three questions:

  1. Why were you at the tavern?  
    “Walking home…”

  2. Who killed you?
    “Don’t know…”

  3. Who can avenge your death?
    “… Dyme?..”

Sadly, the answers didn’t lend a lot of insight into the particulars of the incident.

The party received reports that the group of bullies had fled to the south in the night so they decided to head in that direction with the newly (and hastily) appointed Captain of Arms named Chessick. Chessick served with Loga in his previous position of “village leader” and was trusted by him.

The party grew frustrated as their journey south they revealed no sign of the fleeing bullies…  Fizban took Chessick aside and used his magical charm ring to try and get some more information. The spell was effective, and Chessick told him that they would never find the bullies…

This was enough information for the party to realize they were being duped. Fizban ensconced Chessick in magical webbing and then summoned insects to eat his flesh. They took the skull back to Ashton where they would confront Loga.

Loga pleaded ignorance but the party was not buying it.  They locked him in a dungeon and Kefka broke his ankle with a mace. He would only be allowed out if he provided them with the truth.

Eventually Loga confessed that it was Chessick who killed Pitpet but it had nothing to do with him…

Dyme, a man of his word, released the crippled Loga and the party felt comfortable that they had avenged poor Pitpet’s death.

The party then headed towards their next mission… the Dark Elf caves, where they planned to put an end to the evil elves who have been actively trying to assassinate their good friend (and former party member) King Warden of Renaulton.



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