Session 36: The End of the Dinosaurs

Our party of heroes were far enough into halfling territory that they were able to locate the deceased Wubbles’ former tribe.

They also met a human cleric who was working on converting the halflings info followers of Tellisindar, God of Time.

His name was Kefka and he joined the party to replace Wubbles.

The halflings lead the party to nearby fields where mariposa flower grew in wild abundance. The party was eager to collect the plant to mix with their dreamweed and create a potent smoke that could induce the dinosaurs into an obedient trance.

Once under their control, their plan would be to lead the dinosaurs back into the hole to the underworld from whence they came.

Thus began a friendly competition to see who could collect the most mariposa. They had to fight a few elementals and gnomes in the contested fields but eventually they did collect all of the prized ingredient.

Truthfully, Dyme won the contest, but Fizban and Praetor (both followers of the evil insect god, Entomon) conspired and cheated to make it look like Praetor was the winner.

Shortly thereafter, they started their bonfire and dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes began to converge on their location and indeed were induced into a passive, trance-like state.

The team began herding the terrible lizards towards the large hole and every time a dinosaur broke trance, Kefka was able to get them back in line through use of his Charm Animal abilities.

Eventually all of the dinosaurs were exiled to their former homeworld and Fizban closed up the hole with some magical webbing!

The party had now generated great renown in the northern regions by liberating Edgetown, establishing great trade relations with the Gnomatta tribe, befriending the halflings and removing the dinosaur threat.

They returned to Renaulton where King Warden was also thrilled about their work. The king paid them a healthy reward in gold pieces for their exceptional servitude.

King Warden mentioned that he would now like the eastern Dark Elves to be eradicated (as they have been making brazen assassination attempts on his life).  He also mentioned a letter he received from Toros (a minotaur-populated city in the Red Lands). The minotaurs were calling for aid as giants had broken through their city walls were wreaking havoc.

While not really considering plight of the minotaurs to be a high priority, King Warden did relay the details to the party and would respect whatever quest they decided to undertake.

Before starting any new quests, the party decided to first head back to the Stonecrafter dwarves and make further payment towards a stone keep they wished to be developed in the center of Ashton.

But they first stopped at their favourite watering hole, the Battered Whore in Wurther where they enjoyed free drinks and a rollicking, high stakes game of memory match.


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