Session 35: Renaulton Royal Games

The party recruited a dwarf named Floben the Weak to replace the fallen Nedraw.

When the party entered Renaulton, tents and banners were being erected in anticipation of the Royal Games.

They met with King Warden and explained why they had so much dream weed (a banned substance within Renaulton). Their plan of course was to use the hallucinogenic substance (mixed with mariposa plant) to lure the dinosaurs back into the underworld from whence they came.  

King Warden was supportive of the plan and allowed our heroes to store the drug within the castle as they tended to their errands. As they had a few days left before the Royal Games, they decided to head south to Ashton and meet the Stonecrafter dwarves in order to make another payment towards completing the city wall.

Being clanless, Floben received some insults by the Stonecrafters and a duel ensued.  Floben proved his mettle as a fighter and was able to slay the insulting dwarf in single combat. In accordance with the ancient rituals of dwarven combat, the rest of the Stonecrafters gave full respect after the fight and Floben’s clanless status was no longer an issue.

They drank with the dwarves, feasted, sung songs and then made the final payment to finish the rest of the walls around Ashton.  

When they inspected Ashton themselves, the party found it to be even worse for wear than the last time they visited.  Orc clans had been rising again in west were and were raiding Ashton again.  The few remaining residents were not pleased with Dyme’s seeming neglect and let him know it.

The party then went back to Renaulton where they participated in a number of fun, sporting activities.  

Wubbles and Floben joined (and lost) in the event of Drinksmash.   

Fizban put on a fine display of wizardry by winning the conjured monster competition.

And young Dyme was able to win the coveted single death armed duel competition (much to the delight of his combat god Belluum).

After the festivities, the party retrieved their dream weed and began heading North in direction of Wubbles’ halfing homelands where they could acquire more mariposa plant for their mixture.

Things then took a terrible turn for the worse when they encountered a flock of four violent chimaeras…  the party tried to flee but poor Wubbles was not fast enough.  The flame breath from two dragon heads burned him where he stood. His vibrant form was reduced to black ash in seconds and there would be no hope for revival.

The rest of the party escaped but now with no clear direction to finding the halfling homeland and ending the dinosaur threat.

RIP Wubbles the Halfling Cleric.


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