Session 34: Bad Math = Permadeath

The party spent some time in Careb resting and conducting various errands.

At the market, Wubbles spoke with an alchemist who explained that his mariposa plant could be combined with a hallucinogen to produce a trance-like mist. This gave the party the idea of returning to the Gnomatta tribe. They hoped to purchase more dream weed that they could mix with mariposa in order to influence the dinosaurs that had invaded the north.

The party headed back through the desert to the underground caves where they knew the portal existed that could transport them back to the north.

They battled through a sphinx and a solarite and even some pesky sand chokers that latched on to Fizban’s neck and impeded his spellcasting abilities.

Eventually they made it north and arrived back at the Gnomatta settlement where they placed a massive order for dream weed.

They decided they would first head down to Renaulton where they may have opportunity to sell off some of the excess dream weed for profit. However, transporting the large quantities was difficult and they had to take turns manually pulling a rickety wagon loaded with 8 full barrels of the drug.  

During this journey they fought off a pack of hungry dire wolves before encountering a horde of barbarians who appeared to be in some kind of argument.  In broken common language, one barbarian engaged them and requested they settle a trade dispute. The party was posed with a math question related to the amount of goods that had been offered as a dowry for a barbarian bride.

Fizban, Wubbles and Nedraw conferred on the math problem. Although Wubbles had the correct answer he was overruled by Nedraw and Fizban and the answer given was incorrect.  This enraged the barbarians and caused them to attack the party.

Dyme was knocked out multiple times and very nearly killed if it weren’t for Nedraw shielding Dyme’s body and physically throwing him  out of harm’s way.

Nedraw’s heroism in turn brought more barbarian attacks on himself. It was late in the battle when one such attack caved his helmet, forcing the dented plate mail into his skull and crushing his brain within.

Nedraw’s math was incorrect… and that error cost him his life. He could not be revived…

After the remaining barbarians were dispatched and Nedraw’s holdings were distributed, the party pulled up to the northern gate of Renaulton with heavy hearts…


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