Session 32: Dragon Reclaimed

After the loss of Slade last session (death by velociraptor, Winsil rest his soul), our party ventured deeper into the cave system where they were still trying to track the thief Mikael.

As you recall, Mikael had stolen the party’s precious dragon.

They had arrived at a dark, subterranean stream. Three canoes were docked here, their gunwales decorated with black feathers indicating their belonging to the Black Pheasant Courier Company™.

Our heroes were bruised and battered but they dared not rest here.

Out of a nearby barrel popped a halfling who introduced himself as Wubbles. Wubbles came from a northern community of halflings that had been studying the dinosaur invasion.

Through their experimentation, the halflings had discovered that burning pollen of the native Mariposa flower, mixed with other plant-based ingredients, could induce a trance-like state into the dinosaurs.

Unfortunately, Wubbles had not yet found the right catalyst. The trance-like effect would wear off prematurely and the dinosaurs would turn violent. His fellow halfling researchers were eaten by dinosaurs during these experiments and Wubbles had fled into these caves for safety.

The party and Wubbles shared a common desire to expel the dinosaurs from the land so they accepted Wubbles into their ranks.

Venn, Nedraw and Wubbles in the first canoe. Dyme, Rodella and Fizban in the second with Praetor (now an insect, dryder-like monster) occupying the third canoe by himself.

The party began their canoe trip. They were quickly stalled by some giant catfish but they were able to defeat them.

They continued on, taking left turns whenever a choice of direction was presented.

They defeated another boat of lizard men and found a place where they were able to safely make camp. They enjoyed some exotic mammoth and t-rex meat that they cooked over a small fire.

The next morning they set off again in their canoes. They passed through some toxic yellow mold where Fizban developed up a nasty lung infection. It was killing him, and the party feared they would lose him to the infection.. a truly horrible and undignified way to die for the last remaining original hero.

Blessed be to the Gods! They found a small area with rocks set up in a ritualistic circle with a pedestal and worn book in the center. A ray of sunlight shone down from a crack in the upper cavern ceiling and it was enough to cure Fizban of his mold infection!

After reading the text, the party realized this was a prayer area for Tiolua, God of Time. The text presented them with strange time-based symbols in a pattern that they needed to decipher in order to prove their worthiness and summon the God of Time.

The party was not worthy.

They continued on until they found a large contingent of lizard men (donned in Black Pheasant garb) camping on an island with Mikael and their caged dragon!

The fight was on! Dyme kicked things off with a flaming arrow that engulfed one of the lizard’s canoes and caused the lizard men to scramble into the water. They were adept swimmers of course and were quickly approaching the party’s floatilla.

Sleep, Hold Person and Fireball spells were all put to effective use here to dispatch most of the Black Pheasants before things got truly dangerous.

Mikael begged for mercy, but Fizban cut off his finger and then released the dragon from the cage who devoured Mikael in turn.. The thief’s wretched screams echoed off the subterranean walls and will haunt the dreams of our party for years to come.

With their dragon reclaimed, they continued until they arrived at a large pool of water with a giant Aboleth (multi-tentacled fish-like amphibian monster)  accompanied by two Skum (grotesque fish-human hybrids).

Our heroes fought like warrior-poets. Wubbles used a Growth of Animals spell to double the size of their dragon. The dragon flew over and delivered the finishing assault to the ancient Aboleth, a monster who had survived for thousands of years before this encounter.

Shortly after, they arrived at another land area. This area had two swirling black portals the likes of which our party had never previously witnessed. They also noticed a large lever though they were unsure of it’s purpose.

While inspecting the area, out popped a locked wooden chest from one of the portals!  After, checking for traps, Dyme picked the lock and found it filled with gems!

What mysteries were contained within these portals?

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