Session 31: Chasing the Dragon Thief

In Session 28, the party entrusted Edgetown resident Mikael to care for their dragon whelp while they were off adventuring in the Northern Isles.   

However, it was reported that Mikael fled Edgetown (presumably with their dragon) prior to the dinosaur attack that occurred last session.

Rodella was able to find some human prints heading in a western direction which they decided they would use to track the dragon thief across the frozen tundra.

It wasn’t long before they came across a herd of tundra mastodons. One such mastodon was separated from the herd and became aggressive with the party, charging Fizban and knocking him unconscious.

The party fought back. Rodella fired an arrow into the wooly beast while Venn used it as a foothold to get onto the mastodon’s back and began furiously stabbing it’s head.  

The mastodon was taking damage and began to flee with Venn holding on for dear life before eventually being flung to the ground (sustaining only minor cuts and bruises).

Luckily the beast was felled before it could alert the rest of the herd.

Dyme and Slade harvested the valuable tusks and the party continued on trying to find clues about their quarry.

Eventually, such a clue presented itself in the form of satchel that lie amongst some thorny brambles. Inside the satchel there was a letter addressed to Mikael!–N8dpalJxYCBd6Oz0Z2ek46bG6I_4I/edit?usp=sharing

The party arrived at the coordinates described in the letter and discovered some hidden doors leading into subterranean caverns.  Inside, they fireballed a group of Black Pheasant members and fought a giant Caecilia worm.  

They decided they would make camp outside the cavern before exploring any further but alas, this decision had consequences. While setting up camp, they were surprised by a pack of hungry velociraptors.  

Venn was knocked unconscious.. but Slade, our dearest Slade, the elvish rogue, suffered wounds so severe that he could not be resuscitated.  

At least not permanently…  Praetor used his resurrection stone to bring Slade back to life temporarily where Slade was able to get revenge on the raptor that killed him.  However, the reanimated Slade was then killed again by another raptor.

The party didn’t have time to mourn, and his belongings were distributed. Slade’s gnarled carcass was carelessly left outside the cave where it would certainly endure further desecration.

The remaining group members headed deeper into the cave system. They combatted some more worms while avoiding some more dangerous encounters such as a sleeping cave hydra.

Eventually they found a path downward to an underground stream with some tied up canoe boats.  The boats marked with black feathers were clearly used for transportation by the Black Pheasants and the party knew they were heading in the right direction.


AD: Star Wars Black Series Toys in Canada


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