Session 30: Terrible Lizards

The party was able to complete their sea voyage back to the coastal settlement of Edgetown. 

They arrived to a scene of utter carnage as soldiers fought back waves of terrible lizards (aka dinosaurs).

It was clear that the invasion of the dinosaurs from the lower sub-world had commenced.

Thankfully, the savage beasts were mostly destroyed by the time the party landed. However, the losses to Edgetown’s population were devastating. Half eaten bodies were strewn across the street paths while only a small handful of battered soldiers remained.

The party tried to find a hut where they could get some sleep when they noticed some nearby puddles began to shake.  Dyme said “maybe it’s the power trying to come back on”.

A crushing roar rang out from the nearby forest and a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex burst forth laying waste to everything in it’s path.  

It sniffed around the the hut where the party was hiding, it’s enormous eye looking into the hut window while it’s black pupil dilated.  

Dyme used the opportunity to strike!  He grabbed his poison stinger and shoved it straight into the thunder lizard’s eye causing him to roar and thrash.

The thrashing of his tail caused most of the building to fall over and both Venn and Dyme were knocked unconscious but survived permanent death checks.

Praetor used his new orb to resummon some dead velociraptors to help in the fight.  He also conjured some illusionary ones as well which really helped to confuse the giant T-Rex.  

After a long battle, and with the help of the remaining soldiers, the party was able to slay the majestic lizard. Patches of the dinosaurs skin and teeth were taken as trophies by the party.

They then tried to find Mikael, the Edgetown resident they had previously put in charge of babysitting their dragon whelp. However, he was no longer present in town!  One of the surviving residents claimed to have seen him sneak out a few days prior to the attack.  

He was carrying a large bag and heading West…


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