Session 29 Part 1: Disaster at Sea

The party returned to the waiting charter boat with their new insect-monster in tow (Praetor ascended to this form in the last session).

The charter captain took some convincing to allow the grotesque beast onto his boat, but was eventually convinced with the promise of gold.

The group was enjoying a pleasant cruise back to Edgetown when suddenly the boat was smashed to bits by a legendary sperm whale known as Old Solomon!

The party was flung in all directions. They frantically tried to climb onto floating debris and get out of the icy water.  

Thankfully, the massive whale seemed to leave after his initial (and devastating) assault but the nightmare would not end there… A pod of ravenous orcas came in to feed on the wreckage!

The captain was swallowed and killed. Dyme was rendered unconscious from blood loss and the situation was quickly becoming dire.

A quick thinking Praetor used a polymorph spell to become a great white shark and the fight was on..

He inflicted a lot of damage but also absorbed more than he could handle and was soon unconscious as well. He was barely  dragged out of the ocean before sinking to his permanent death.

Venn launched himself onto the back of one of the hungry predators delivering some blows but slipped off into the water and soon became hypothermic.

With great difficulty and heavy damages, the attack was finally repelled. However, the party had now begun drifting apart from each other.   

Slade made a prayer to Wynsil, God of Wind to help bring the team back together and it worked. They used rope to create a raft system and prevent future drifting.

The current took them towards land.  Another unidentified island.. This one with a visible castle off in the distance.  

As they drew near, they noticed a dock with another boat and person waiting.   

He helped pull them into shore and explained that he was also a charter captain and was waiting for his three passengers that had gone off to explore the abandoned castle.

The party was desperate, so Fizban put him to sleep and they took his boat out to a safe area where they could sleep and recover before they would embark on anymore adventures.  


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