Session 28: Visits from the Gods

The party headed north to Renaulton where Fizban used his ESP spell to summon the balloon ferry from the Gnomatta tribe.  However, when it arrived, the raft was dangling askew and there were no gnomes aboard.

They repaired the raft and decided they would fly past the gnomish village and continue to Edgetown, the northernmost point of the continent (on the coast of the Northern Sea).   They previously had a dreamweed induced vision of a treasure cave in one of the islands to the north so they decided to make that their active quest.

During their flight, the clouds began to swirl and they were visited by Wynsil, God of Wind.  The god was angry that this group of landwalkers presumed the right to enter her air space without permission (the Gnomatta pilots having presumably already suffered for their affront).

The heroes showed their respect to the god and were able to prevent being dropped to their deaths. Wynsil then tested the group by having them remember a sequence of mystical symbols. Slade, the elvish thief, demonstrated the most aptitude for the test and was rewarded with the offer to pledge his allegiance to the God of Wind which he accepted.

The party arrived in Edgetown and took care of some business.  Venn ceded temporary guardianship of his dragon whelp to Mikael, the current steward of Edgetown, as it was becoming too difficult to keep the precious creature safe.

They thought about taking the balloon raft to the island, but with some of the volatile weather in the region, they decided to hire an experienced boat captain instead.  The trip included all-you-can-eat salted pork and one alcoholic beverage per passenger.

The ship was attacked by giant sea crabs and a sea dragon but our heroes were able to take care of them without too much difficulty.  Only Nedraw fell in to the icy waters when the ship was bumped and suffered some mild hypothermic effects.

When they arrived at the island, they had to navigate some tricky, cracking ice to reach the beach but they did so deftly with no further accidents while their captain waited with the boat for their return.

They approached the cave to find two homosexual ice trolls engaged in a sexual act.  The party caught them with their pants down (literally) and were able to get in a surprise attack, dispatching the lovemaking trolls in dramatic fashion.

After collecting the treasures,  Fizban and Praetor, both followers of the insect god Entomon, were summoned to a private location, where they were met by Entomon himself and given the offer to “ascend” to their final form.   Praetor accepted, becoming an almost drider-like insect monster while retaining his human head and spellcasting abilities.

The party gasped!

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