Session 27: Breaking Bad

The party woke up in Edgetown and noticed an air-raft approaching.  The raft was being lifted by a large balloon and carrying some gnomish passengers.   

The gnomes landed, and the apparent leader (or at least the one that could speak common) introduced himself as Rallematta Bo.

The gnomes were bringing in a product called “dream weed” that they normally sell to Morjan’s barbarians.   Fizban, Praetor and Slade sampled the product and immediately became high and experience a great sense of lucidity.  

The dream weed provided them with a few visions.   1) an arrow hitting someone in the chest  2) drakes disrupting the Stonecrafter dwarves building of the wall in Ashton 3) A cave on an island north of Edgetown filled with treasures. 4) pteradactyls entering the world through the hole the party made in Session 18: The Lost World.

Rallematta explained that without the barbarians, the gnomes would need help selling the rest of their product.  He requested they come visit with the gnome King Gno’Matta about creating a wholesale partnership.

The party boarded the air-raft and went to visit King Gno’Matta.  They were attacked by some pteradactyls along the way but made it to the underground gnome village without too many scrapes or bruises.

The gnome village was an interesting place.  They were a warrior tribe but also were working on some very unique and technologically advanced inventions.   

Rallematta told them a few ground rules before they would meet King Gno’Matta.   They were not to mention anything red, or anything that made the sound of the letter S.    

The party entered King Gno’Matta’s great room and found that he was a massive giant.  Although he had similarities in appearance with the other gnomes he clearly had some type of genetic gigantism.  

The party talked business with the King (or rather he made guttural groans that were then translated by Rallematta).  Praetor, Slade, Nedraw and Dyme were kicked out of the room for making S noises, but Fizban and Venn were able to purchase some dream weed at a deep discount.

The party spent some time with the gnomes and purchased a few high tech items.   1) Slade bought some traps 2) Nedraw bought a mace with a retracting chain that could be used for ranged attacks 3) Praetor bought some mechanical wings and everyone else pretty much bought some gliding wings.   

Nedraw wanted to get an 8 man all-terrain, tread wheeled vehicle but couldn’t convince the rest of the party to pony up for it.   

They did however negotiate travel by air raft back to Renaulton.   

In Renaulton, they visited the seedier areas and were able to quickly flip their dream weed for a modest profit.  

They also noticed signs for an archery contest taking place at the royal grounds with a reward purse of 400gp.

Slade, Dyme and Nedraw all entered the contest and Praetor took it upon himself to turn invisible and interfere with one of the other competitors.

Everyone took their shot, but when it came to the last competitor, instead of shooting at the target, he turned and aimed at King Warden!  Luckily, Praetor was behind him and hit his arm which caused the shot to miss!

The would-be assassin threw down a smoke bomb and bolted.   Dyme hit him with an arrow but it wasn’t enough to slow him down.   Praetor used his wings to fly up in the air and although he couldn’t catch up, he did notice the assassin had discarded his disguise and was actually a dark elf!

After the dust settled from this dramatic event, the party headed south to Ashton so that Dyme could deal with the dwarven work stoppage on his wall due to the drake situation.   (Dyme is Lord of Ashton).  

Dyme gave a bar patron a chest of 500GP and a horse and tasked him with bringing the money to the Stonecrafter dwarves so that they could continue their work.   

The party then headed into the eastern woods where they found the drake nesting grounds and killed a family of drakes thereby finally ending the drake problem in Ashton.   Slade was hurt and knocked unconscious but suffered no permanent injuries.  


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