Session 26: The Trials of Belluum

The party burst into the room at the top of the spire where they encountered Morjan face-to-face for the first time.

Morjan was a Drakaina (human/dragon hybrid) with large reptilian wings and a dangerous lashing tail.

The party’s two barbarians rushed in first while Praetor created 4 more illusionary barbarians via his Phantasmal Force spell.

Nedraw got behind Morjan and braced himself in the window to prevent her escape.

The party lost a barbarian (a real one) in the battle but were able to eventually defeat Morjan and gain her coveted spellbook.

There was a brief standoff between new party member Slade and original member Fizban for who would get possession of the book but eventually the party negotiated that Slade would get the book AFTER the party had a chance to learn the spells from it that they needed.

After searching the room they also found a text describing a medical process whereby an individual could pledge themselves to the dragon god Drakkar by injecting a combination of dragon blood and magical powder directly into their jugular vein via an enlarged bee stinger.

Venn Woodenbleeder knew the procedure would be risky but decided to go ahead with it. Although he didn’t immediately get new powers, the procedure was a success.

Nedraw also found a book on “How to Train Your Dragon” that gave him some valuable tips on how to care for his whelp.  He began by feeding it some of Morjan.

After leaving the keep (and killing some giant leeches along the way) the party returned to Edgetown.

In Edgetown, Morjan’s barbarians had become completely disoriented. The human slaves sensed their weakness and were attacking and killing their former oppressors.

The team negotiated a plan whereby one of human slaves named Mikael would become Edgetown’s acting leader until they could communicate with King Warden back in Renaulton and have reinforcements sent to strengthen the royal claim on this area.

The party decided to sleep and recuperate.

While sleeping, they were brought together in a united dream sequence.  Bellum, God of Combat explained that they had gained his attention for their work in destroying rival god minions.

He simulated a combat arena and urged them to fight each other to the death for a chance to win his favour. There were only a few ground rules… no invisibility, no hiding and no Djinni helpers.

Slade was first to die from Praetor’s fireball. Praetor then took the form of a giant bee but was promptly killed by Fizban’s fireball. Nedraw killed the barbarian. Venn made a brief alliance with Dyme before being killed by Fizban’s magic missiles. Nedraw was crushed between two walls as the arena began to close-in.

We were left with just Dyme and Fizban to fight it out to the death.

The two were locked in close quarter combat. Fizban’s summoned insects pecked away at Dyme’s exposed skin but he was able to slay Fizban and take the title of supreme combatant.

Belluum blessed Dyme with a permanent strength blessing and a ring of knowledge to accelerate his experience gains. Dyme also pledged himself to Belluum in order to receive further benefits of the combat god’s favour.

AD:  Star Wars Toys Canada


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