Session 24: The Auction

Upon exiting the Spider Caves, Fizban noticed a letter had appeared in his satchel.   It was an invitation to a Vermallian auction.  (The Vermallian’s are a race of magical elves that specialize in the trade of rare and powerful items.  The party encountered them in Session 10).

Our heroes headed in the direction of the auction when they came upon a grove littered with the bodies of dead forest elves.  The bodies were being inspected by a dark elf who was surprised by the party.

There was a tense standoff until Nedraw reached for his weapon.   With blinding speed, the dark elf dispatched 3 projectiles before bolting into the forest.  One of the darts hit Praetor and immediately dropped him into an unconscious state.

The party tended to Praetor and searched the elvish bodies where they found some gold and healing elixirs.   They suspected dark elves were responsible for the slaughter based on the lone dark elf they encountered at the scene.

After a brief rest they continued to the auction grounds where a number of denizens had already gathered.   

Some shifty brigands tried to attack the auction stage but they were quickly paralyzed and crushed into oblivion by the powerful Vermallians who continued the show with minimal delay.

The heroes were not exactly flush with cash so they had to pass on many interesting items.  However, Fizban was able to get a good deal on self replenishing healing potion that could be consumed daily.

An interesting moment occurred when the Vermallians introduced a baby dragon for auction.  The opening price was 1000GP but it was quickly sold for 10,000GP to an imposing looking gentleman in the back of the crowd.   He was pale skinned with dark black hair and a large black leather cloak.

He took the dragon and left on his large war horse.  Nedraw tried to make small talk with him before he could leave but was rebuffed.  

The party headed back to Renaulton where they met with King Warden.  Warden gave Dyme 1000 GP to help with the rebuilding efforts of Ashton (where Dyme was now Lord).   The royal wizard also helped transcribe some new spells into the books of Praetor and Fizban.

From there,  the party headed north into the barbarian lands where they aimed to meet up with their old friend Erik and help him to defeat a witch named Morjan who had enslaved a barbarian village named Edgetown for her evil purposes.

They found Erik as expected and teamed up for a big battle with some of Morjan’s barbarians on the outskirts of Edgetown.

Now they must continue to their target…



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