The PC Awards

Stupidest Action Award:  
Raging Bull whipping a bag of mushrooms at grizzly which enraged the bear and resulted in two permadeaths in the party.

Smartest Action:
Albert’s decision not to head back to the  burning fires of Urag’s horde in Session 2.
Bravest Action:
Orion Payne charging with his carriage full of explosives then leaping off at the last moment while Fizban’s magic missile blew it up.
Most Cowardly Action:
Dyme leaving the young boy to be assaulted in Renaulton church
Best Display of Strength (tie):
Betamax clobbering the bouncers who surrounded him at the Battered Whore.
Orion Payne naked brawling (and beating) of the barbarian outside of Chiqui’s.
Best Display of Dexterity:
Betamax nimbly avoiding multiple laser shots by the futuristic scientists in the underground world then turning and shooting down the flying vessel with an accurate laser shot.
Best Display of Intelligence:
Nedraw curing the young baron in Barada
Best Display of Wisdom:
Dyme winning multiple pub games
Best Display of Charisma:
Warden placating the Renaulton mob and getting elected as Renaulton’s leader.
Best Display of Constitution:
Warden winning the meat-tart eating contest
Best Cheating of Death:
Fizban left for dead to be killed by Cassandra and the Masked Legion with only 2 HP.
Most Tragic Death:
Betamax being isolated and ravaged by Chimera
Best Display of Compassion:
Warden staying with the sick young, infected princeling overnight.
Best Cocksman:
Betamax bedded gnomish girl, prostitutes, almost Cassandra…
Most Noble:
Most Evil:
Fizban – The slaughter of citizens in the church,  killing the young page,  murder of Duncan.. need I go on?

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