Session 21: Barbarians Attack

The insect wizard from the spire was named Praetor and he joined the party under the hopes of using their combined skills to turn the tides in the great war between the spiders and insects.

The party, however was still reeling from the loss of Betamax and decided to head to Wurther and drown their sorrows in some free ale at the Battered Whore.  

They had to fight an ettin and some displacer beasts on the way but were able to make it to Wurther without suffering further casualties.  Praetor showed immediate contribution to the team as he conjured up false flames to separate and contain the displacer beasts to make them easier to kill.

At Wurther, the team relaxed and played some card games at their favourite tavern where Dyme won a big pot of coins.  

Once refreshed and rested, the party headed north to Renaulton where they hoped to receive some of their promised rewards for stopping Methouhlah.

However, when the party arrived, there was chaos at the northern gates.  Due to the demonic threat, most of the city had evacuated and residents had just begun returning to the city.   Sensing weakness, the barbarians used the opportunity to begin a siege.

Praetor created some frightening illusions that helped scatter the attackers and Nedraw took control of a catapault and used it to crush some of the incoming attackers.   

After a savage defense, the first wave of attackers was repelled.   However, there were still hordes of barbarians in the distance readying their next attack.

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