Session 20: Permadeath Strikes an Original Member

Warden, King of Renaulton was understandably elated at the party’s successful mission in sealing the portal above Mt. Hellysium (and thereby ending the threat of the great demon Methouhlah).

For their reward, Dyme negotiated a lordship of his home village of Ashton.  The rest would be rewarded with other goods when Warden could get his royal city of Renaulton back up and running again.  

The party decided that now would be a good time to visit The Battered Whore in Wurther and take up the bartender on his “free drinks for life” offer from Session 19.   

On route, they had to fight off some monsters (that were especially hungry due to the scarce wildlife) but the party was able to reach Wurther relatively unscathed.

At the Battered Whore, they played an intense game of memory match with a local patron.  Dyme displayed some incredible memory abilities winning the game with ease.  He may have grown up as a mute, but this thief is proving to be an incredibly clever young man.

After spending a few days recuperating in Wurther, the party decided to investigate the large mysterious spire that had been erected next to Mt. Hellysium.

Tragically, they would not make it without incident.   A random encounter with two woodland chimeras would prove fatal.   Betamax became isolated and had to face one of the chimeras alone.   He fought bravely, but one chimera was too much for the stout dwarf.  He was ravaged and eaten by the deadly heads.  There was no chance to revive him.   

The rest of the party killed the chimeras and had a funeral for their lost friend.  Betamax was one of the last remaining original party members and now only Fizban remains.

After the funeral, the living members began the looting and distribution of Betamax’s holdings.  

Fizban, Nedraw, Mortaugian, Dyme and Erik the barbarian then continued to the spire which was swarming with insects.  Fizban was able to dispel the insects and he was summoned to fly to the top of the spire by another dark wizard.

Like Fizban, the wizard was also a follower of Entomon the insect god.  He bade Fizban to help him complete a ritual that would upgrade Fizban’s powers.  All Fizban would have to do is recite some incantations in an ancient language without any stutters or errors.  Alas, Fizban botched the incantation by giggling and the ritual failed.

The wizard explained to Fizban about the great war taking place right now between the insects and the spiders.  He joined the party and encouraged them to go and kill one of the spider god’s divine minions for their next mission.

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