Session 19: The Fate of Renaulton

Our party emerged from the lost world near the village of Ashton.   Despite being many miles away from Mt. Hellysium, the foreboding dark clouds could be seen swirling in unnatural patterns high above the volcano.  The return of the demon Methouhlah was drawing nigh.

Steady streams of people (and wildlife from the forests) were fleeing to the south but our brave party headed straight into the eye of the fire with one mission on all of their minds: To deposit the Abrogate Crystal into the heart of Mt. Hellysium and prevent the return of Methoulah.

They first took the road north to Wurther which had become a relative ghost town.  Only the barkeep from the Battered Whore remained.   He helped the party out with some fire resistance potions and promised them free drinks for life if they could prevent the cataclysmic event from occurring.

They trekked to the base of the volcano.  The air had become thick with choking ashes.  Warden, the King of Renaulton had his tent set up there and had a few loyal soldiers left with him prepared to fight whatever evils came forth.   He was overjoyed to learn that the party had the Abrogate Crystal.

The party fought past some cultists and climbed the steep volcano while also fighting off flying demonic imps with whatever hands they could spare.

Mortaugian lept off the mountain side and grabbed onto the back of a demonic imp stabbing him several times in the skull with his magical talking sword.   After killing the imp in such glorious fashion, his talking sword suddenly left his hand and morphed into a naked barbarian warrior named Erik!  

They would not have time to learn Erik’s story, but Erik was happy enough to be returned to his human form that he would help further the party’s quest anyway he could.  

They finally made it to the top and had to make a mad dash across a narrow plateau that stretched over the volcano.   A swirling dark portal was opened above the volcano and out of it came swarms of flying eelbats.   While fighting the otherworldly bats, they also had to dodge flaming balls of molten lava.  

As they approached the final stretch, massive fingers began emerging from the portal.   It was Methouhlah! He was returning!

Betamax heaved the crystal with all his might and it it was swallowed into the fiery depths.  Immediately the portal began closing in on itself and sliced the wagon-sized fingers off the demon causing the severed appendages to tumble into the lava below.

Shortly after, the raging lava began to calm and the skies above began to clear.   The threat of Methouhlah’s return had been ended!  At least for today…

The party climbed back down the mountain.

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