Session 18: The Lost World

After the bloody battle with their clones, the party left Betamax with the rescued woman who had agreed to care for him.  Dyme stayed behind as well.

When they left the domicile, they were met with more of Waja’s clones who believed them to be clones as well.

They met Waja in the middle of the village.  He explained how he hoped his “children” would be better behaved now that they’ve had an outlet for their violent and carnal urges.  He then bade them all to return to plant form and return to their home village Wajali.

The clones shed their skin and turned into plant shamblers but alas, our party did not have this ability.   With their cover blown, the party decided to attack Waja.

At the first hit, Waja shed his skin and became a giant plant monstrosity.  His many plant tentacles crushed into the ground and the earth underneath their feet began to shake and tremble.

Suddenly the ground began to give and the heroes found themselves free-falling into a massive underground lost world!

While falling, Fizban, Nedraw and Mortaugian were all able to dextrously grab on to passing flock of pterodactyls.   They fended off some of the aggressive flying beasts and rode them all the way down to their nests in a thick forest.

After killing the creatures, the party descended down the trees to the forest below.   Fizban used his wings to gently fly down while Nedraw fell down harshly and hurt his bottom.

In the meantime, Betamax had regenerated using his magical ring and was wondering where the hell everyone went.  He found the giant hole in ground and consulted with one of the villagers on making a giant parachute from a giant frog skin.

Betamax uses the apparatus to float safely down to the underground world.  His landing was so precise and gentle that he was able to not crush a butterfly that was underfoot.  He had landed in a valley though with no sign of his friends.

In the middle of this valley, there was a strange glass cube.  About 6 feet high, transparent and separated in the middle.   A door led into each side.  There were 4 markings on the ground in each room.

While Beta investigated, a massive Tyrannosaurus Rex rushed out of the forest and tried to attack but was not able to penetrate the mysterious glass cube.

During this time, the party successfully defeated a pack of velociraptors and had exited the forest into the very same valley with Betamax and the glass cube!

Mortaugian threw some previously harvested crocodile meat to the Tyrannosaurus and that gave Ned, Mort and Fiz just enough time to make a mad dash to the safety of the glass cube.

After some investigation, they each placed their 8 feet into the 8 markings on the ground and something wondrous happened.   They were separated in groups of two, but a panel came up before each group with very mysterious markings.   There was also a 5 minute timer and the party had to use highly focused communication to explain what they were seeing on their side and place the shapes in the proper order.   They were successful with 40 seconds to spare and out of the air materialized a futuristic laser rifle.  (It took the party a while to realize what this object was or what it could do)

The T-Rex had left at this point, so the party decided they would head north towards the large mountain that seemed to reach up to the crust of their former world.

While they were trekking, a large pod-shaped flying vessel began flying after them.  Out of the side a humanoid shape appeared with a gun and dropped both Nedraw and Mortaugian  with some type of sleeping dart. Fizban turned invisible and Betamax displayed some incredibly nimble evasion skills by dodging 4 of the shots.   He then turned and fired his laser at the pod and downed it in one shot!

The pod crashed into the ground and the two occupants inside were killed.  After waking,   Mortaugian was able to don one of their futuristic armor kits and the party continued north.

The party had to pass through some tall grass  where they were met by more hungry raptors.   Beta wielded his new found power weapon to splatter one of them on the spot.  And the party was able to dispatch the rest using their old fashioned combat techniques.

When they exited the grass they were chased by that same determined Tyrannosaurus  Rex.  They barely escaped into a cave in the mountain side and found an internal tunnel they were able to climb to the top of the mountain and arrived at the earth’s crust.   Betamax used his weapon to blast a hole in the earth and the party was able to get back to their original world.   However, their futuristic items left their body and formed into a flying object and returned to the underdepths below.

It was an exciting adventure, but they won’t have much time to reflect on it.  They only have a few days left to return the Abrogate Crystal into Mt. Hellysium before the demons return to the realm.


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