Session 17: The Festival

With the Abrogate crystal safely concealed under Fizban’s robes, the party exited the pyramid.  

They were met by a group of angry Sheyan warriors.   Fizban tried to calm them by showing them the crystal but this only engraged them further.   One of them summoned a dual-wielding Djinni.

Fizban, now a powerful wizard, had little difficulty putting the hostile Sheyan to sleep.    The party was then able to surround and destroy the Djinni.

After that encounter, the party decided to avoid the rest of the Sheyan village and set out into the hot desert in the direction of the village Careb.

They remembered the burrowing techniques they were taught by Lia in Session 16 and were able to hide from Sheyan warriors mounted on giant desert eagles that were searching for them.   

The trek was not without adventure though.   They faced a sand elemental and also a flock of cocks (cockatrices).  Betamax banged on his drums of panic that sent most of the cock flock scattering in fear.  One big fiesty cock remained to fight, but the team was able to handle it.  

After killing it, Nedraw couldn’t resist touching the cock, and wanted to try and pluck the creature and keep the meat.  Fizban tried to scream not to touch it but It was too late!  Luckily, Nedraw saved vs petrification and was not immediately turned to stone.

As the heat baked down on the party, they began to see mirages and became lost.   Mortaugian, using his ranger skills picked one direction but as a backup method, Fizban summoned some desert scarab’s to fly in multiple directions and report back.   

After a few hours, the beetles reported the proper direction to Careb and the party was able to make it to the riverport city.   

The group met up with Lia who was astounded that they had escaped from Necrotahnem’s pyramid.   She helped them get a good deal on camels and gave them some details on the road northward that they would be taking for their long journey back to Renaulton.

After a few days, they came to the outskirts of a city named Barada with a large outer sandstone walls.   They were approached by some mounted city guards who told them they were looking for an indivdual in a red cloak with a dark moustache.  The man was a menace in Barada,  defacing pictures of the great Baron Barada and also bringing toys to the children in the city.   Fun was outlawed in Barada due to the Baron’s son being very sick and not being able to have any fun himself.  

The group decided they would head into Barada to see the young Baron and try what they could to heal the boy using potions and cure disease spells.  The potion did nothing, but Nedraw’s magic actually worked!  The boy was cured and the beautiful Baronness was MOST appreciative.   She urged them to stay another night for the Lambency festival that has not been held since the birth of the sick boy.  They were also given a chest of 800 gold for their service.

They slept the night and then stayed in Barada the next night for the great festival.   There were fireworks, thousands of floating lanterns, incredible music, ale and plenty of sex in the streets.   The beautiful Baroness tried to get Nedraw to kiss her but he was not interested in sex this night.  She instead had passionate (and public) sex with Mortaugian in a variety of wild and exotic positions.  In fact, everyone had some fun with the opposite sex except for Nedraw.

The next day, feeling a little hungover, they set out again heading north.   After a few days, the terrain began to change to swampy and they had to face some large 20 foot crocodiles just to proceed further.   

They arrived in a small swampy village where they heard a woman’s screams coming from a nearby hut.  They entered the hut to a shocking scene.   There was a woman being assaulted by … THEM.   They were face to face with 5 of their exact clones.

Mortaugian remembered the blood share ceremony back in Session 15.   The person who took their blood must have made evil clones!

By catching the identity thieves literally with their pants down, the party got initiative on the combat.  Fizban was able to put clone Fizban and clone Dyme to sleep, while Nedraw was able to use Hold Person on clone Mort and clone Betamax.

This left only clone Nedraw to fight back and fight back he did.  He swung his mace right into Betamax’s head, knocking him unconcious.    In the epic finale it was Nedraw vs Nedraw here Nedraw was able to defeat his evil clone.

Check back in 2 weeks to see if the party can make it back to Renaulton and shut-down the demonic portal that will soon be unleashed in the region!

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