Session 16: Search for the Crystal

In the hot dusty desert village of Careb, the party encountered a beautiful local girl playing dice in the streets.

She explained to the foreign party that navigating through the desert would be foolish without a knowledgeable guide.

She was able to get the party a reduced rate on desert-appropriate armor so that they would be better equipped for this new environment.  The party paid her guide fee and set off toward Sheyan territory once the mid-day sun had relented.

Having a guide proved helpful as she was able to provide a burrowing technique to avoid a deadly sandstorm.  She also brought tarps to conceal them from the great desert eagles.

Once they arrived at Sheyan territory, she was able to converse with the Sheyan in their native language and gain entrance to the village for the party.   After staying the night (and some cuddling with Nedraw), she decided this would be as far as she could go and left to head back to Careb.

Knowing the Sheyan worshipped crystals, Nedraw was able to get their attention by showing them a black shard he had previously collected off the body of a slain demonic imp.

The language barrier was still a problem however, and the party ended up having to bully their way past the pyramid guards to enter the great Sheyan pyramid where they hoped to find the Abrogate Crystal.   A crystal that may hold the power to stop the volcano back in Renaulton.

The pyramid was not without it’s trials.   Spitting snakes, a feisty basilisk, skeletons and more filled the underground rooms.  Fizban was knocked out by the basilisk and very nearly killed.  He was revived however and was soon able to put his new wings to use to fly over a pit trap that Nedraw fell into.

At one point, Dyme and Betamax became separated from the rest of the group.  The door had locked behind them and poisonous gas begin filling into the room.  At the same time, mechanical columns began to rise and our heroes stood atop them to get above the clouds of toxic gas.   (side note: One of the players released a TERRIBLE toxic fart at this exact moment timed perfectly).

Eventually the columns rose so high that Betamax risked being crushed into the ceiling.  He shuttled down the column and choked through the smoke until he could find an exit and Dyme followed him out.

The party reunited and arrived at the great hall of Necrotahnem.  Necrotahnem. pharaoh of the Sheyan was a deadly 4 armed skeletal monster who resisted the theft of his prized crystal.  The party was able to kill him and retrieve the crystal!

Now the party will need to return to Renaulton.  A 15 day journey by horse.  What adventures will they encounter along the way?


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