Session 14: Cannick’s Inferno

One of the former candidates who lost in Renaulton’s leadership election to Warden (Session 12) was a foul-mouthed underworld boss named Cannick Brown.

Cannick did not accept the election results and had preceded to cordon off the entire east-side of Renaulton and claim it as his territory.

The party decided to find Cannick and see if they could find a solution.

It didn’t take long upon entering Cannick’s territory to be met with violence by some of Cannick’s followers.   However, the undisciplined fighters were no match for our newly unified party of powerful heroes.

The party arrived at Cannick’s mansion and Fizban used a fireball scroll to send the outside guards scattering.

When they entered the mansion they triggered a massive detonation.   The mansion began crumbling around them and flames spewed forth from every direction.   The entrance was blocked so they needed to navigate through a massive blazing inferno while choking on thick fumes.

This was not an easy escape.   All of the party’s healing potions and spells were exhausted and even still some of the party only narrowly escaped with a few HP to spare.

Fizban found the exit first.  However, out in the rainy street waiting stood Cannick Brown, flanked by one of his mighty meathead bodyguards!  Fizban was able to cast invisibility before being seen.

Next came Nedraw, and surprisingly, Cannick made no move to attack.   Cannick was actually impressed with the feat!

“You bloody mate are a effing survivor that’s what you are!  You’re a cockroach like me.  I could use some good soldiers like you with some real effing durability unlike some of my p%ssy c%$@s.   Tell you what.. whoever makes it out of their can come meet me at my club and I’ll look after you there”

But Nedraw would take no chances of losing Cannick now.   Before he could depart in his wagon, Nedraw paralyzed Cannick and his guard using a Hold Person spell.

Unable to speak, Cannick frothed at the mouth in rage, but soon the froth turned red as Fizban stabbed him repeatedly and killed the meathead bodyguard as well.

The rest of the party made it out of the destroyed mansion and they all headed back to Warden’s palace to get some much needed rest and show their accomplishment (Cannick’s severed head).

They rested and fed and were paid a fair stipend from the royal treasury.  They then decided they would go and check out Cannick’s club and see if his grip had loosened in the east side.

They rode in Cannick’s wagon and were able to enter the club from a discreet side entrance.

The club was bumping, and the heroes made known who they were.   Without Cannick’s grip of fear, the club patrons didn’t bother with the party too much.   The party used the time to play some cards,  take some turns with the club riddlemaster and play an early version of a game known today as beer pong.

After some enjoyable games, the party decided to explore some of the other rooms.   Cannick’s second-in-command tried feebly to assert himself as the new leader but the party sent him running without even having to kill anyone.

In the upper rooms, they passed a tattoo parlour and another room where some brutes were getting injected with some type of strength serum through an enlarged wasp stinger.

Fizban was about to undergo the procedure until he realized his back was wet.  When he inspected it it was slimy and veiny and felt very strange.  Given his condition, he decided against the procedure.

In the final room, the party found a locked chest which Dyme picked open (though he took a dart to the face for his troubles).   Inside was a pharmacy of potions (strength, fire resistance, healing, cure disease) as well as gold.

From here the party wanted to go and check out the termite-like massive tower near the newly active Mt. Hellysium.. but it was getting late..




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