Session 13 Part 2: Betrayal in the Party

Fizban (our party’s dark wizard) awoke to a seemingly dire situation.   He was badly injured, abandoned by his party and had 4 killers closing in on him quickly.   One of those killers was Cassandra, the lady friend of Betamax who had persuaded Betamax to go along with this murderous plot.

But Fizban’s story did not end here.   The wizard cast a sleep spell that dropped all 4 warriors before they could hit him.   Fizban proceeded to slit all their throats.  He cut the ear off of Cassandra which would serve as a morbid gift for his betrayer.  He camped the night to regain his strength.

Meanwhile Mortaugian, Nedraw and Betamax arrived back at Renaulton, fully unaware of Fizban’s impressive feat of survival in the forest.   They sold their collected ingredients and completed some errands before staying the night in the Golden Lion Inn.

Fizban made it back to the city seething with rage.  He stocked up on healing potions and prepared for a violent encounter.  He then headed to the palace to talk to Warden (former PC who became ruler of Renaulton and is now played by DM).

The party also headed to the palace to talk to Warden and this is where things got ugly.   When confronted by Fizban, Betamax tried spinning a yarn about having explosive diarrhea but Fizban wasn’t buying it.   The rest of the party stepped back and understood these two had to settle this in their own way.

The tensions peaked when Fizban threw the severed ear of Cassandra at Betamax’s feet.   This action triggered a primal dwarven rage within Betamax and he lunged at Fizban with intent to kill.

But again, the cunning wizard could not be killed so easily.  He dropped the raging dwarf to the ground with a well-timed sleep spell.

Warden immediately stepped in to attempt some last-ditch mediation of the situation.   He explained to Fizban: “Leaving you to your fate was very bad.. but killing his girlfriend is a fair retribution.  In my opinion, this has been an eye-for-an-eye and this rift is now ended!”

Fizban agreed and woke Betamax himself.  Betamax was thankful for Fizban’s mercy.  Nedraw explained that perhaps some compromises in alignment could be made going forward to ensure this mixed-alignment party could continue to be as effective as they had been before these events.

In the end, and after some further counselling by Warden, the party came out feeling stronger and more unified then before!

They will need everyone on the same page if they plan to stop the evil threat growing at Mt. Hellysium.



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