Session 12: Attack of the Wererats

After the palace coup, the royal city of Renaulton quickly descended into turmoil.  Fights broke out among the citizens and there was a palpable feeling of unrest.

A few citizens rose up and made calls for an immediate election.  One of those candidates was Cannick Brown, a foul-mouthed bully that seemed to be gaining the most attention through his fear-mongering tactics and blunt messaging.

Diego was very concerned about the prospect of Cannick bullying his way in to a leadership role.  In response to this, Warden decided he would run for leader as well.  After all, he had already courted some votes when he calmed the crowd from the royal balcony in Session 11.

In the 24 hours before the election, the party campaigned hard for Warden.  The heroes engaged and killed some of Cannick’s entourage that were forcing people to vote their way.  Warden also won a meat tart eating competition which earned him a fair amount of respect from the working-class patrons in the tavern.

While the rest of the party gorged on meat tarts,  Fizban took the queen back to visit her son (the prince) who was being held by two guards at the party’s hidden forest keep.  Fizban arrived to a scene of utter carnage.  The mutilated corpses of the two guards where almost impossible to identify and the prince was nowhere to be seen.   All that was left were some of the prince’s ripped clothes and some fur.  Fizban believed the boy had turned into a wererat.

Fizban ran back to Renaulton with the queen at great speed to inform the party of this news.

The election results were tabulated, and Warden became the new elected leader of Renaulton by a very slim margin!

Moments after his victory, the city erupted into chaos while streams of rats and wererats poured out from underground tunnels and sewers.

Many citizens were killed or bitten in the attack.  The party barely fended off a number of the rat monsters.   At some point, the party recognized it was the wererat prince who was leading the attack!

Using whatever silver weapons they could find (including a silver fork from the palace dining room table) the party killed some more of the creatures.  It was a vicious battle where both Warden and Mortaugion had to check vs permanent death.   Fizban was infected (but cured).

The wererat prince was the last monster left.   Fizban launched a powerful fireball spell but the queen attacked him at the same moment to try and disrupt it.

The wererat prince deftly sidestepped the explosion and retreated back into the underdepths.

Fizban slit the queen’s throat in rage.   It was only then that he noticed the bugs crawling in her mouth.   She had been imbued with the spirit of Entomon, God of Insects when he had sex with her in Session 11.

Entomon may not be pleased by Fizban’s action.. but more immediately, the wererat prince certainly will not.







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