Session 10 Part 2: Find the Princeling

The party set off in the tunnel to try and recapture the 8 year old prince before he could reach Renaulton.  The party did not respect the young prince’s resourcefulness and fell into a few of his traps along the way.

Eventually they found him, exhausted and bleeding surrounded by dead and living rats.  One of the rats got a bite into Betamax and infected him with disease.    The boy was also infected.

They returned the boy to the keep but he was feverish and frothing at the mouth.  

The party returned to the tunnel to try and find out exactly where it would lead.   If they could get into Renaulton, they might have a chance of finding a Potion of Cure Disease for Betamax and the prince.

The tunnel opened in a hidden alley between two buildings within the gates of the royal courtyard.  

This was Dyme the Thief’s time to put his thieving abilities to use.  Emboldened by Fizban’s invisibility spell, he crept past some guards and into a church.  In the basement of this building there were a number of acolytes milling about and tending to their religious duties.  Dyme listened at a closed door and heard the sounds of sexual grunting.  

He opened the door and found a young boy being assaulted.  Dyme decided it was best to not get involved and left the room after a quick glance did not reveal any healing potions.

He picked the lock of another closet that revealed a nice cache of religious artifacts that he was able to pocket.

Dyme left the church and scaled the wall of the royal courtyard to enter the main city.   He was able to get his Potion of Cure Disease from the city alchemy shop and the party returned again to the keep.  

Betamax and the prince were  successfully cured.

Betamax then shared a bed with a beautiful female warrior named Cassandra.   No sexual contact took place but she was beginning to warm to his charms.

Warden kicked one off Diego’s men off a mattress and gave it to the young prince.   He stayed watch by the young boy’s side who lay unconcious from exhaustion.  



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