Session 10 Part 1: The Royal Hostage


An elvish ranger named Mortaugian witnessed Orion Payne’s gruesome death.  Mortaugian killed the escaping dire wolf that murdered Orion, and brought the carcass back to the grieving party.  

Mortaugian’s face was ugly, but his deed was noble, and Mort was accepted into the party.

The party didn’t get much sleep that night in their makeshift camp but when they awoke their royal hostage was straining himself against his gag trying to communicate with them.

Dyme removed his gag and gave him some water and Fizban belted him a few times with his staff.

The prince described a desperate plan.  He knew his captors were members of Diego’s Masked Brotherhood, and he also knew that he was not Diego’s primary target.  If the members would release him, he could stage an accident that would result in the death of King Romando!  With the king and princeling out of the way, Prince Monroe would be next in line to succeed the throne.  While king, he promised that he would serve as an extension of Diego’s will!   Any injustices by the previous royals would be reversed and royal pardons for the entire Masked Brotherhood!

The party figured it would be best to let Diego make the decision.   Unfortunately, they didn’t exactly know where Diego was so they would need to try and find him.  They decided to head to the last known location in the woods south of Renaulton.

Mort, knew of a path through the mountains where they could circumvent the city so they decided on that route.

The mountain path was not leisurely hike however and they had to fight through vicious rock baboons and mountain lions along the way.

They made it to the forests and Mort was able to make a nice camp for them.  

They were met by two small gnomish figures with green skin.   Byun and Hyun were of the Vermallian race.   This race has a reputation of traders of rare and magical items.   

The party conducted trade business with these interesting folk and were able to purchase some very special items.

Fizban, bought a Djinni ring for 700gp that allows him to summon a Djinni for 1 hour per day to fight by his side.

Betamax purchased Drums of Panic for 450gp that can send enemies fleeing with their sound.

Dyme bought a Ring of Wealth Generation for 500gp that gives him +10% on all gold acquisition.  

After the transactions were completed.  Fizban was going to attempt to put the Vermallian traders to sleep but Dyme hit him in the back of the head to interrupt his spell.    The Vermallians didn’t notice, but Fizban gave Dyme a stern warning to never do that again or there would be consequences.

The party decided to head back to their keep as it was fairly close by.  When they arrived, they realized the keep was occupied by Diego and his men  (they remembered showing him their map to the location).

They had to pause before going in however, as two large hill giants came and took 4 of the 7 horses that were stabled outside.

They waited for the giants to leave and then rushed inside to see Diego.   Diego looked distressed and begged for some good news.  They showed him their hostage and Diego killed him immediately.  

“Thank you but the mission was to kill him.   I don’t make deals with these royals” he explained with contempt.   

Diego explained that the 8 year old princeling was being kept in the basement, but that the boy had killed the lone guard set to watch him and then somehow escaped.

They investigated the scene and found some written material that gave them some history on this keep.   Apparently, it was an escape house designed for the royal’s of Renaulton should things in the city get bad.

They found a secret tunnel in the basement that led in the direction of Renaulton and figured the boy must have known about this tunnel.   The party entered the tunnel to find him.   


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