Session 8 Part 2: Bombers

The party rested in their newly inherited castle and used their oil flasks to construct a replacement bomb for the one they had to expend on the wild ettin.  The next evening they decided to head to the royal city of Renaulton with the plan to plant and detonate it. 

Fizban and Betamax are wanted for questioning in Renaulton for their suspected involvement in the poisoned wine kegs so they needed a plan to be able to get past the royal night guards.

They approached under the guise of merchants.  Betamax hidden in the stowaway compartment of a food cart and Fizban altering his appearance by putting straw in his robe and removing his hat.

It worked!   

Once inside the city, they rented a room at The Golden Lion.  At 3:30 am, they snuck out of the inn by putting a sleep spell on the inn keeper and proceeded to the rather deserted market square.

They lit their explosive with a long wick and ran back to their rooms.    

The bomb exploded, waking the sleeping city and causing massive structural damage to the market.

The heroes made sure to be seen “helping” to put out the fire.   

They now had to find an exit to the city so that they could get in position to assassinate the king’s brother Prince Monroe when he leaves for his scheduled diplomatic meeting.   

Finding an exit was more problematic than they realized as the city was placed on immediate lockdown from the explosion.

The heroes found the ear of the Royal Captain Khagstad.  In a highly improbable charismatic display, Warden convinced the captain that his wife was having a baby and he needed immediate permission to leave.

Warden received his papers and Fizban forged to them to add the name of Orion Payne.   Orion and Warden walked out with Betamax still hidden in the food cart.   Fizban used his recently acquired Invisibility spell to slip out behind them.


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