Session 6: The Masked Legion

With Urag dead and the orc horde repelled, the heroes had a few days to catch their breath in Wurther.  

They did some big game hunting with a local hunter and had some fun rolling dice with some street hustlers.

They made the decision that they would follow their map from the mysterious stranger and head toward the volcanic caves underneath Mt. Hellysium.

Along the way, they came upon a wandering shaman.  For a price of 50gp, he said he could give them visions.  Visions of things they’ve missed or of things that have not yet come to pass.

Orion Payne was the first to try.  He had a vision of the orc camp where they were held hostage in Session 1.  Suddenly he remembered the gated mine inside the camp.  He could also see a treasure room inside the mine.

Dyme was next.  His vision looked into the future and showed him a view of the volcanic caves.  He could see a cave filled with lava, goblins, hellhounds and a magma elemental.

Fizban was last.  His vision took him back to the food cart merchant from Ashton that requested an escort from the party in Session 4.  With his heightened vision, he could see through the stacked vegetables and a false bottom on the food cart to see there was a man being smuggled inside the cart.

The shaman held out his hand to Fizban and asked it to be licked but Fizban refused.  The shaman muttered something that was not discernible.

Magma Elementals and hellhounds sounded pretty intimidating so the party decided to change their plans.

They went back to Wurther to search for the food cart merchant.  They were having no luck finding him until Betamax finally recognized him.  Upon being spotted, the man began to flee and they chased him down an alley where Fizban dropped him with a sleep spell.

They woke him up, but the man was furious and resisted giving up any information (even after a few punches to the face from Betamax).  

They relented and let him go but not before Dyme was able to move silently and follow him.  The merchant went down a few alleys and arrived at a building with a metal door and a sliding eye slot.  When the slot opened, Dyme noticed the food cart man make a gesture with two fingers moving down from his eyes.   

The door opened and the merchant went inside.

A few minutes later, the party figured they would give it a try.  They knocked on the door and repeated the gesture.  The door opened!

They descended into the basement where they saw a gathering of 5 people in masks, plus a man they recognized from a wanted poster that they acquired in Session 4.

This man was Diego, and he did not seem startled or scared by their appearance.  

The merchant, yelled and spat that these guys just roughed him up and followed him!   

Diego made a quick facial gesture, and two of the masked men quickly grabbed the merchant and violently pulled him from the room.

Diego explained that his group is known as the Masked Legion.  They aim to overthrow and destabilize the royal government in Renaulton.  He explained that the royal family is corrupt and hordes the wealth of the people while commoners starve and die in the streets.  If the party would join his cause, they could be welcomed into the Masked Legion.  

To demonstrate their loyalty, they must complete a mission.  A royal tax collector has been harassing, beating and stealing from poor villagers on the outskirts of Wurther.  The group was tasked with finding this corrupted soul, killing him, and bringing back the proof.  

The party accepted the mission.

The party found the royal posse without much difficulty.  There were seven soldiers, fully plated and on horseback.

Betamax had words with one of the royal soldiers.  The soldier insulted Betamax’s mother which was too much of an affront for our dwarf to bear.  He slashed at the horse’s neck and felled it.

As you would expect, this escalated quickly into a bloody brawl.  Fizban used his magical staff to call on swarms of insects which helped slow down and damage the soliders.  The party launched homemade oil bombs at their attackers which helped scare the horses.  Even still, Orion Payne fell in the fighting.  Then Betamax and Dyme were also knocked out.

Eventually it came down to just Fizban and Warden fighting against one soldier and the royal tax collector.  It was looking like this could very well be the end of the party.  However, two critical fails from the tax collector caused him to miss crucial attacks.  In the end, it was only the odd couple of Warden and Fizban that were left standing.

They collected their proof and carried their fallen mates back to Wurther where they received some healing and spend the night recuperating at the Battered Whore.

Tomorrow they would head back to visit Diego.


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