Session 4: Fleeing from Ashton

In the cave from Session 3, our heroes found a second letter from the mysterious stranger.   The letter was written in Elvish and thus, they were unable to read it.

When the party exited the cave it was nighttime.  To the west they could see the hazy light of Urag’s horde and wisely decided to head east to Ashton and warn the townsfolk.

They dispatched some forest kobold’s on the way but made it to Ashton alive.

The small town took this advance warning very seriously.    Bells rang and residents sprang from their beds, quickly gathering belongings and began evacuating the city.

Fizban convinced a few young fighters to stay and fight the invaders.  However, when the orcish war horns began to blow, the party decided that staying was a bad idea and decided to flee north towards the city of Wurther instead.  

Fizban lied and told the young fighters that the party was right behind them.  They ran bravely to certain death.  Perhaps they bought the party a few minutes of extra time with their lives.

On route to Wurther, the party was fighting fatigue when they came upon a band of brigands (12 in total).  It was a big fight and Orion Payne was knocked out.   Our adventurers had a bit of help from some of Ashton’s refugees and were able to kill the bandit gang.   When the last bandit surrendered and dropped his weapon, Fizban stabbed him coldly.

They squatted in the dead bandit’s camp for the night and found a big stash of treasure inside one of the tents.

From their camp they could see flames rising from the city of Ashton.

The next day they arrived in the town of Wurther.  The town was bustling with activity.   There were food markets, street betting games, treasure map sellers and lots of other people here.     

Warden and Fizban lost some gold on dice and Betamax lost about the same when he was pickpocketed.

The heroes made eye contact with a group of flirty females standing outside The Battered Whore (pub/inn/brothel).   One of the females appeared to be half-elvish and said she could translate their letter but would need some drinks first.

Fizban, Betamax and Orion Payne entered the rowdy bar.   The girls and Fizban enjoyed some top-shelf Elfsheim and mushrooms while Betamax had mead.  

The half-elvish whore translated the letter and map for the party.

To have defeated the Medusa, I can assume you are wise

How did you hit her whilst averting your eyes?

Perhaps you can tell me, should one day we meet

But first you must demonstrate you can handle some heat

Not long ago, I lost a great friend

Maybe adventuring is best suited for young men

In the volcanic caves he died with great pain

I could not save him, and that is my shame

My dreams are still haunted by the sound of his moans

Return to the site and bring me his bones

Fizban decided to get a room with the girl after haggling for a fair price.

When Orion and Betamax tried to leave they were confronted with an exorbitant bill of 175 gold pieces.  Apparently Elfsheim was a very expensive drink.

Orion was able to flee but our dwarf Betamax was surrounded by brutes and ordered to settle  the bill.

The fierce dwarf smashed his mug of beer on one brute’s head and then picked up a stool and hit another so hard that it killed him.

After this grand display of strength, the brutes accepted 3 gold for the cost of Betamax’s mead.  They would not get a piece more from this stubborn dwarf.

The brutes headed to Fizban’s room and waited for him to come out so they could collect the remainder of the tab.

Fizban charmed his half-elvish maiden and had her distract them while he scuttled out the window and escaped.   

The party explored the city a bit and purchased some wares.   Dyme found a “Wanted” poster for a man named Diego accused of “Kidnapping the royal baby”.   

Betamax purchased a treasure map and the team set off with a small group of hunters to hunt owlbears and what ever other game they could find.

The group successfully killed an owlbear together.  Surprisingly, they also found a small stash of treasure from the purchased map.

They returned to Wurther and sold their spoils.   The party began to worry about Fizban.. the whoring, the alchohol, the drugs, the gambling, the murdering, the lieing… how much of this was Fizban and how much of it was the dark staff he wielded?


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