Session 3: A Second Letter from the Mysterious Stranger

Our friends re-read the letter from the the mysterious stranger (Session 2).  The message had directions to a cave with a cryptic message about rewards and treasure.

Their previous attempt to enter the cave ended in tragedy as two party members were slain by a Grizzly bear before they even stepped foot inside.

This time however, their ranks would be bolstered by some new recruits.

Dyme (human thief), a mute teen boy the heroes rescued from Urag’s orc camp (Session 1).  When Dyme was reunited with his father in Ashton he began to speak for the first time in his life.  He expressed his wishes to become a hero like his saviours and join the party.

Warden (human cleric), a local warrior cleric that was so inspired by this miracle of Dyme’s speech that he pledged his mace to the party in hope that he would witness more acts of his God’s grace.

The heroes set out for the cave but were interrupted on the way by a band of gnomes chasing another male and female gnome. The pursuers tackled the fleeing male and began splitting his head open with rocks and clubs.  The female was also tackled and was being tied up and beaten while she screamed.

The heroes decided they wouldn’t let this stand and engaged the gnomes in battle.   

Betamax (dwarf fighter) was immediately knocked out but the rest of the gnomes were defeated in brutal combat.

Betamax was revived and was able to communicate with the female gnome (as the dialect was similar to dwarvish).  She explained that the gnome tribes were at war because the Burgomaster was kidnapped by neighbouring kobolds.  With the Burgomaster gone, the families had begun fighting each other over territory and it had now deteriorated to all-out war.  If the heroes could rescue the Burgomaster then order could be restored to the gnomish lands.

Our heroes accepted the challenge and headed to the kobold warren where they found the Burgomaster hanging from a tree in a cage.

After dispatching a few kobold sentries, they cut the rope and gently lowered the cage to the ground.   Betamax hacked into the cage bars to open them.  The noise caused a bevy of kobolds to begin exiting their underground burrows and attack the party.  

The party killed a few of the vicious reptilians and were able to run from the rest with the Burgomaster being double-carried by Betamax and Orion Payne.

The Burgomaster was returned to the gnomish village and order was quickly restored between the warring families.   

The party was treated to gnomish hospitality and made camp with their new friends.   Betamax got VERY friendly with the female they rescued and spent the night with her where they engaged in interracial lovemaking.

The party was given treasures including gold, gems and a ceremonial mirror for their role in saving the Burgomaster.

Refreshed, the party continued on to the cave.   

When they reached the cave they found two ranger-class Orc’s from Urag’s tribe investigating the corpses outside the entrance.  They were able to kill the orc’s quickly and positioned the corpses to leave a disturbing message to Urag.   

The heroes traveled through the cave avoiding some giant beetles until they arrived at the final room.   Inside was a writhing Medusa guarding a chest.

Dyme may have been previously mute but he he certainly wasn’t dumb.  He remembered the ceremonial mirror obtained earlier and the heroes used the mirror to reflect the Medusa’s gaze back on herself and turn her to stone!

Inside the chest, the heroes found sandals of swiftness, a magical staff that could summon and control insects, and another note from the mysterious stranger.   However, this message was written in Elvish and the party was unable to read it.

As they were leaving they were bombarded by a plague of albino cave locusts.   Fizban put his new staff to use and charmed the front row and commanded them attack the ones behind.  This was enough distraction for the party to escape unscathed.


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