The Intro

The five of you are currently prisoners in an Orc stronghold in the mountains that is ruled by a notorious Orc chieftan named Urag.

This stronghold is strategically placed so that it has raid paths to two villages. Because of this, raiding has been especially prosperous for the clan.

Urag is a fierce and violent warrior but also very intelligent. He understands that you can only kill a sheep once but can shear it many times so he spaces out his raids on these villages at appropriate lengths and gives the communities time to replenish before raiding again.

He commands a large Orc horde with many human slaves that are forced to labour on his stronghold.

The four of you have been identified as having skills that are interesting to Urag and he has segregated you from the rest of the slaves. He has had some Orc scribes working with you to learn things like masonry and you get the feeling he wants to build a stonekeep which would be a first for Orcs in this world. While most of the slaves lay outside on the ground with heavy chains, you are given your own tent living quarters with soft bedding and are well fed. That said, this is not a fun place you want to be.

Over the last few days you have seen the horde suiting up for a raid and you expect the majority of the force will be heading out tomorrow morning for a raid on one of the villages.


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