Session 1: Escape from Urag’s Camp

On the eve before the Orc horde’s departure, our heroes spent the remaining hours testing the waters around the fort.

Betamax (dwarf fighter) tried to get some communication established with human slaves only to be angrily rebuffed by the slavemaster.

Fizban (human wizard), showed signs of bravery as he walked into the Orc’s mess hall and attempted to take a table knife. Perhaps he was not the best individual for the job? He was discovered and angrily booted out of the tent.

Raging Bull (halfling thief) was successful however. He quietly walked in to the main tent and pocketed a dagger. He was also able to sneak over to the entrance to Urag’s quarters. He listened to Urag speak with his top general for a few minutes and learned the horde would be attacking the village of Prav (to the west) on the morrow.

The heroes slept.

The heroes were awoken to the sounds of clanging weapons, snarling wargs and shouting orcs as the horde prepared to leave. The heroes felt largely forgotten about that morning until Urag came over and told them he’d be back in a week. It was an awkward conversation… He reminded them he would be leaving a force behind and they would remain in captivity.

The heroes wisely waited for the horde to leave.

The heroes waited for nightfall and then things really began to accelerate.

Undeterred from yesterday’s interaction with the slavemaster, Betamax tried to concoct an elaborate ruse about crazy noises going on in the mine that needed immediate attention. Slavemaster called out to the mine guard who quickly refuted Beta’s story. Slavemaster kicked Beta’s ass all the way back to his tent. #fail

At this point, Raging Bull embarked on a very successful solo mission. He snuck around the fort, evading tower sentries and took a falchion sword off a sleeping kennelmaster. He then moved on to the slavemaster where has able to deftly pickpocket a key.

On the other side of the fort, chaos was about to begin. Orion (human fighter) broke up a wooden chair in their tent to create four clubs. Beta whittled his to a sharp point to create a crude club-spear.

Beta, Orion, Albert (human cleric) and Fizban rushed out and engaged the nearest orc guard. Fizban launched a magic missile that smacked into the chest of the orc guard nearly killing him but two more orcs inside the tent came out to help.

Albert grabbed a torch and began lighting tents on fire which began drawing the remaining orcs to the scene. Raging Bull began furiously unlocking the 16 human slaves.

Battle ensued. The orcs did damage against the un-armored group. Beta was the first to fall. Orion was down unconscious shortly after.

Raging Bull assassinated the sleeping kennel master and then began doubling back to help. The humans joined the fray.

Albert the cleric went on a pyromanic rampage… lighting everything on fire including a sentry tower that required the orc to jump 20 feet down and break both his ankles. Albert finished the job.

Fizban had also fallen unconscious by this point and it was looking quite unclear if the party would survive this.

Luckily, with the help of the humans, Raging Bull and Albert were able to take out the remaining orcs and bring the three fallen heroes back to consciousness.

6 humans died in the fighting. Of the 9 remaining, 5 immediately left the fort after the fight and 4 have remained with the party.

The party was able to get basic armor/weapons/food supplies from the main tent and also got 1200 GP in Urag’s chest. Raging Bull also made a bond with the last remaining warg in the kennels by feeding him some treats that he took off the kennelmaster’s corpse.

As the fort becomes a blazing inferno. Our heroes tired and exhausted must decide.. Where will they go from here?


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